This is one coverage every productive person needs. While we are strong and healthy, physically and mentally, we can earn to feed, clothe and provide shelter for ourselves and our families, and to live decent and comfortable lives. This is the dream of every person.

However, certain misfortunes and fortuitous events in life can easily jeopardise this noble goal. We run the risk of accident everywhere - in our houses, while walking, travelling by car, by been at work,, etc. It is just not avoidable. This causes death and deprives children and dependants of the needed financial support, causes injuries and disabilities giving rise to permanent and temporary loss of earning, etc.

We at GSIC offer well-designed policies to cater for these problems at an affordable price for everybody, depending on individual income. In addition, medical expenses incured as a result of accident is catered for.

Group Accident Schemes are also available for employers who wish to provide for key employees as a fringe benefit. The advantage of this coverage is that the employees involved are covered not only when they are at work, but even while they are at home or going to or returning from their workplace.