Apart from the compulsory insurance coverage (Act Policy), we offer coverage ranging from the motorist's liability for damage to other peoples' property (i.e. Third-Party Policy) tp accidental loss or damage to the motorist's own vehicle through overturning, collision, fire, explosion, etc. and theft (i.e. Comprehensive Policy). Special cost-effective packages are available to garages and car dealerships to meet their particular needs.

The unique feature of our Motor Insurance is that in addition to the cost of handling claims, we include loss assessment, arbitration and litigation. We offer coverage for Loss of Earnings in respect to commercial vehicles and Cost of Renting a Substitute Car with respect to private cars at predetermined limits, resulting from a covered loss or damage to the insured vehicle.

We also offer special Cost-Saving Schemes to cater for civil servants, officials of public corporations, companies, banks and NGOs in which premium discounts of up to 15% are granted in addition to any accrued "no claim bonus".

Also, for private cars, we provide Personal Accident Coverage to the insured and members of his family travelling in the insured's car (or substitute car), up to a predetermined capital sum. Personal Accident Coverage may be added to commercial vehicles' insurance policies to cover the driver and his mate for any additional premium.